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It's just world fame. Something so simple.
(don't these bitches know I am way better than them?)
if you're wondering why I never wrote you a song, it's because happiness writes white. 
8th-Oct-2009 01:12 pm
annie cresta tho
Minor internal breakdown yesterday set off by my losing my student card (which is how we use meal plans and basically the only way to do anything on campus) and the spring 2010 course booklet going up. I'm on the first sign up day, finally have enough credits to where I'm the first slot on the last day. Unfortunately all my classes are going to suck. Putting off American Lit because apparently my AP lit credit might count for that requirement. Tentatively taking Media Law and Ethics, Web Publishing (my advisor teaches this, and he kind of sucks, so it's going to be frustrating), Grammar (I've put off taking a language course long enough and I wanted to take linguistics, but it's not being offered), and Intermediate Fiction. ...I have four classes left for each major, and then my senior sems. two semesters and a winter term. What.

Excited about fiction because I have this huge ass original project I've been kind of mulling over and kind of scared to start tackling, and this will start pushing me into actually working on it. Little scared, because I could take Contemporary Writers with a teacher I know and absolutely adore (Cassie Kircher might be my favorite person ever on the planet and I almost cried when she told me I had talent for prose, not going to lie), but it's a course that surveys poetry, nonfiction, and fiction, and I really want to have free reign to work on my fiction, that's what I want to write. Even if I don't know the professor and I'm apparently Vonnegut weird. (Also, I want my security blanket of Alyse, the most fabulous TA ever who was all "YOU ARE INSANE. I LOVE IT. SHOW ME MORE" which makes me feel so good.)

Really kind of wanted to take Intro to Music Business but I have no room. Think it's probably more something I'd like in theory, but only have fun with about half of, like my internship. Think of going to grad school for something related to music/arts management, like the PR or marketing sides? NYU has a music business grad program I was salivated over. Do want to work at Sony BMG, do. want.

I want to be an entertainment journalist, I want to also write my stories, and I want to actually do stuff in the entertainment business. I don't know what, exactly, but I know I love music more than anything and theatre more than most things, and I just have a lot of things I want to do and don't see why I can't do them all. Just the farther I go along the more my dreams and goals change and I can't see that ever not being the case. I can't see myself getting to a point and going "okay, happy enough now."

Also, Culture of Rock was the best academic decision I've ever made. I spent my 8 am watching videos of Jefferson Airplane and talking about the counterculture. And also, God I love the Beatles so much more from Revolver on, does that make me a bad person for being really glad they got on drugs?

I feel like my entire life is in this nice quiet lull right now where I'm on good terms with my roommate and Ted and I are in a comfortable state of friendship and it's sunny outside, but then tomorrow I have my first midterm and then it's probably going to blow up in my face and my roommate will reveal she actually IS the devil child from Scarlet Letter, Glee will turn out to be a figment of my imagination, and I'll wake up to it being last January.
8th-Oct-2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
And also, God I love the Beatles so much more from Revolver on, does that make me a bad person for being really glad they got on drugs?

If you're a bad person, then I'm a bad person, because their post-drug music is amazing and I'm glad they made it.

Definitely recommend the fiction class. I was in a similar situation. I had this story sitting around in my head for years. I'm in Screenwriting this semester, which finally pushed my lazy ass to start writing something on it, and I'm really glad.
9th-Oct-2009 01:39 am (UTC)
...I still fucking love you, if you were wondering. like. I don't even know this makes me all happy and you get it and I love you and I will trend whatever you want to do.

"From that moment I realized that dreams can't always be absolute.
Your dreams are always changing, and you're challenging yourself."

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