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It's just world fame. Something so simple.
(don't these bitches know I am way better than them?)
"You've had the world handed to you, just because you're pretty." 
2nd-Feb-2007 07:30 pm
annie cresta tho
Okay. New Bare forums. Yet again, because the site hasn't been up for a few days now, and it'll probably come back up, but we moved it to a site that tends to be more reliable, anyways. (And we're saving back ups of everything now, heh, I'm just glad I still had all my Bare100 prompts saved.)


There's not much there yet, but we're rebuilding it, and hopefully in the next couple of days it'll get active again. Plus, look at how pretty it is! That shiny banner! *drools* Go join and such...even if you don't do RPGs, we still do other fandomish things (like fics and fanart and such) and start the occasional analytical discussion, heh.

Mmkay, now that I've gotten the pimping out of my system.

Just...I need to rant. This is going to sound incredibly shallow and teenaged, and I hate that, but I need to just let it out somewhere...I tried saying this all to my mom earlier and I think she took as Tina's low self esteem getting lower rather than just a general frustration.

I feel like I'm surrounded by perfect girls with perfect hair and flawless skin who some how manage to show up in first period looking like they just finished a photo shoot for Teen Vogue. And then I look at myself in the mirror with my frizzy not quite curly but definitely not straight mess that I call my hair, and my acne that won't go away because I'm too lazy to actually use skin care products on a regular basis. (I'm trying with Proactiv, I really am! It's worked for me before, but like I said, I'm so lazy.)

(With slightly different body image issues...kind of the opposite. I'm shaped like a stick. Actually, a rail, cause sometimes sticks have curves and I most definitely don't.)I mean, this one girl I know is just so. fucking. pretty. Perfect blonde hair, perfect tan skin, perfect clothes...she's a cheerleader, imagine it for yourselves. And I've known her since like...second grade, I remember when she was one of my best friends and she was such a tomboy and her mom made her start cheerleading, heh.

I don't want to be that, I don't. I like me, I'm starting to be really comfortable with me. I mean...some of you have known me for a very long time...(I joined the ORG three years ago, so it's almost been three years at S-H too, I've had this journal for over two years.) If you've been reading this journal since I started it sophomore year, you probably have an idea of the painfully shy, awkward mess of a fifteen year old I was. And I think I've grown so much in just the past year. I've got friends that really know me (on the internet and off, heh.) And I've come to embrace my little odd quirks.

And you know, I look like I'm twelve, whatever. I'm okay with that, I know I'm not hideous, and most of the time I'm not entirely self deprecating. I mean, hey, plenty of people I think are beautiful look way young. (The first time I saw Gilmore Girls - I was 13- I thought Alexis was my age. And I think Michael Arden is fucking hot, but he looks about 12 in some pictures, especially next to John, hee.)

But sometimes I wake up and my hair is all over the place, my face is stark white, I've got this bad acne, and I'm sitting there looking at all my imperfections and it's annoying.

Okay. There. Got it out. Whew. I feel better now.
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